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Noun1.Miri - little known Kamarupan languages
Kamarupan - the Tibeto-Burman language spoken in northeastern India and adjacent regions of western Burma
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The tour showed bikers another side of Labuan they probably did not know - the United Nations-recognised sunset view site of Sg Miri Beach.
There was also plenty of welldelivered drama, too - this finale included a powerful and terribly sad scene which revealed how hard done by Miri had actually been.
Furthermore, Dom is having a seedy affair with Miri's mother (Geraldine James).
For some reason, that left me rooting for Miri and hoping that we will discover she'd been the victim of a massive miscarriage of justice.
"We unfortunately handed our saffron market and customers to Afghanistan on a silver platter," said Miri, talking about the increasing activity of Afghanistan regarding sales of saffron.
Brigadier Al Miri stressed readiness to set up the necessary security measure and to coordinate with the General Directorate of Traffic to ensure smooth traffic on the Southern Governorate highways and boulevards during the event.
Reperfusion is the only method to rescue salvageable myocardium, but reperfusion itself may induce further myocardial injury, a phenomenon has been termed as myocardial ischemia-reperfusion injury (MIRI).[1] Since the discovery of the MIRI phenomenon in dogs by Jennings et al .[2] in 1960, numerous studies have been conducted to reveal the underlying mechanisms of MIRI and to explore the effective treatments for MIRI.[3] Experimental studies in this field have used in vivo , ex vivo , and in vitro models.
Backed by Rain or Shine's Terry Que, Freego's Eduard Tio and Ironcon's Jimi Lim, the 65s are also bidding for a sweep of their group elimination round when take on the Malaysians from Miri.
Backed by Rain or Shine's Terry Que, Freego's Eduard Tio and Ironcon's Jimi Lim, the 65s are also seeking a sweep of their group elims against the Malaysians from Miri. Also contributing for the 60s team are Andrew Ongteco, Aries Franco, Elmer Latonio, Jose Go and Ramon Mabanta.
Already assured of a semis berth, the 65s are also bidding for a two-game sweep of their group elims against Miri.
Miri confessed to killing his wife during interrogation, after having a heated argument with the victim Wednesday.