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Adj.1.mirrorlike - capable of reflecting light like a mirrormirrorlike - capable of reflecting light like a mirror; "mirrorlike surface of the lake"; "a specular metal"
reflective - capable of physically reflecting light or sound; "a reflective surface"
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This was Speranski's cold, mirrorlike look, which did not allow one to penetrate to his soul, and his delicate white hands, which Prince Andrew involuntarily watched as one does watch the hands of those who possess power.
This is an example of a more general optical characteristic of many material surfaces where light reflects in a way that has a characteristic spatial distribution that is neither fully specular (mirrorlike) or fully diffuse.
There's the art, of course: acrylic paintings, a polyester parabolic lens with a mirrorlike surface, a fibreglass sculpture of a middle-aged woman poised to dig into a melting banana split.
"Steel is used for its strength and mirrorlike shine (to ward off evil).
The metal vessel was filled with ink, which was intermittently disturbed by a hidden engine, causing the liquid surface to alternate between a sleek, mirrorlike surface and an unsettling, undulating image.
I worried about the ubiquitous mirrorlike surfaces on car and shop windows.
Some of the flowers have a polished, mirrorlike effect obtained from galvanization.
The surface of the water is very mirrorlike, which everyone expects, but it's the light that comes through the surface of the water and the way that the light plays.
how the wind died in the evening and the lake became perfectly fiat and mirrorlike and the shadows of pine trees crept slowly toward the water's edge like stalking animals; and how you could go out to the marsh at dusk to watch the sandhill cranes returning to their nest, see them flying back high in groups of two or three or four and then dropping out of the sky so fast it almost took your breath away.
Eugene's Timothy Goss painted a wonderfully chromed-up "Red Harley," in which those mirrorlike motorcycle parts show trees, sky and buildings in a fun-house distortion for the viewer.
The materials can be used to build lightweight solar sails that "use the pressure of light from the sun reflecting on the mirrorlike solar cell to propel a spacecraft."
Others are strong, such as echoes from shallow specular (mirrorlike) reflectors.