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Devoid of gladness and gaiety.

mirth′less·ly adv.
mirth′less·ness n.
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adv (liter) smilebetrübt; laughunfroh, beklemmt
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And presently he grew conscious that the gods had played a very good practical joke on him, and he laughed at himself mirthlessly. It is not very comfortable to have the gift of being amused at one's own absurdity.
(65) As Bacon would put it in correcting Platonic conceptions of form as "abstracted from matter, and not confined and determined by matter," the experimenter should "keep a continual watchful and severe eye upon action, operation, and the use of knowledge" in order to "advise and take notice what are the Forms, the disclosures whereof are fruitful and important to the state of man." (66) A "watchful and severe eye" does not necessarily predicate mirthlessly suppressing the risk of error, despite Bacon's reputation for seriousness.
"You knew Francis Benthem?" Her smile dropped but not mirthlessly. It was in recognition of the continuing coincidences.
Summary: This tale of talking mutts, voiced by minor celebrities, is a mirthlessly cynical cinematic chew toy
It was a cold and windy January morning and the sun was peeping timidly through a mirthlessly grey Gambian sky.
Either you're so young and bouncy that 40 is ridiculously far away and whimsical it may as well be made from Unicorn Tears and Jupiter Dust; or perhaps you're just approaching/just passed the F-word and feel slightly anxious about what your fifth decade has in store; maybe you turned 40 yonks ago and are now chuckling mirthlessly while humming the Bachman-Turner Overdrive tune You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet.