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As a result, risk-adjustment tools based on ICD-9-CM, such as APR DRGs, may misadjust for severity of illness and implicitly excuse hospitals for iatrogenic complications.
Producers can use this technology to identify and correct misadjusted implement settings to enhance soil conditions in every tillage pass.
The common reasons the clutch may stick are broken or stretched clutch cable, misadjusted linkage, air in hydraulic line, mismatched clutch components.
Complex instruments, however, could easily have a misadjusted setting that confuses your measurements if you are not intimately familiar with the mechanism's workings.
But if you drive the car like that, with the valves misadjusted, eventually one of the valves or valve seats will get burned out, and then you're in real trouble.
However, when the feed is misadjusted, it will result in less isolation and the signals will interfere with each other.
However, in its regards to Galicia, it was misadjusted not only in the historical point of view but also concerning the population's occupation of the territory (Fernandez Leiceaga et al., 2006).
Premature failures can also come from worn instrument panel shock mounts, misadjusted vacuum regulators or contaminated vacuum lines and be no fault of the overhauler.
The trimmer potentiometers for regulating the misadjusted measuring bridges and for indicating zero voltage, when there is no air pressure in the thermoinsulating chambers, are located in the second row.
The NTSB found that the plane's elevator control cables had been misadjusted days before the accident at a repair station operated by Raytheon Aerospace in Huntington, West Virginia.