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tr.v. mis·ad·vised, mis·ad·vis·ing, mis·ad·vis·es
To advise wrongly.
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'The county governments are mismanaged; governors are being misadvised. They have refused to engage with employees and this is unprecedented in labour history,' he said.
He told the court that the woman was being misadvised by her friends.
WHO misadvised President Muhammadu Buhari to suspend the Chief Justice of Nigeria (CJN), Samuel Walter Nkanu Onnoghen, using the instrumentality of an ex-parte order procured at the black market?
On appeal, defendant argued that his revocation sentence was substantively unreasonable, that the District Court erroneously denied a continuance of the hearing, that the court misadvised him regarding his maximum sentence and that he was not competent to admit to violations.
One participant was concerned that students might be misadvised about completing honors requirements: "Although it says plainly in black and white in the catalog if these honors classes fulfill these general education requirements, people don't notice that." He often checked his students' course schedules to ensure they were completing requirements appropriately.
While no customers were found to have actually been charged those fees, E.ON has since worked with Ofgem to "put things right", updating its call centre scripts and paying out PS21,000 to redress "misadvised customers" who either cancelled or delayed plans to switch providers as a result.
I was told by a UC call centre in June to apply for JSA/ESA with a sick note and they would send me the forms - they were very apologetic about me being misadvised...
A Chicago newspaper called him "the gasconading bootleggers' hero" and "the bootleggers' beau ideal." A federal judge claimed that McDonough had "both misdirected and misadvised" the Scalcucci brothers, while the Illinois Anti-Saloon League condemned him and demanded his indictment.
Relegated, yes - and he was partly responsible for that, though years of under-investment and misadvised signings were the crucial factor - but in the embryonic stages of potentially the most-exciting revolution since Kevin Keegan returned to Tyneside in the early 1990s.
People become very dependent on their advisors, and they don't want to think they're being misadvised. So even those who suspect they may not be getting the best advice, stay.