a.1.Not rightly aimed.
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The pot shots at the creators, however, are often misaimed, due to the collaborative nature of TV projects.
But as far as Posner's broader point is concerned, the example seems misaimed by 180 degrees.
Studies of the soldiers of World War I and World War II have revealed that men arc not natural-born killers: many combatants in those conflicts refused to fire their weapons or misaimed in order to avoid killing (Grossman 1995).
In the case of Bassanio, thrift, as he explains to his good friend Antonio, entails the shooting of another arrow after the first misaimed one, assured that he will "find both / Or bring your latter hazard back again" (1.
His fellow judge had taken it upon herself to bring down Wagner with one misaimed personal shot.
Whilst the first casualty was, as you remark, a Grenadier Guard, you omit to mention the 17 Afghan civilians blown up by misaimed rockets.
Sometimes that attaches itself to misleading history and misaimed anger.
Paralyzed at first by the rapidity and sheer audacity of the Democrats' advance (and by a plummeting stock market), they hunkered down behind a Maginot Line of safe districts, remembered triumphs, and misaimed slogans, hoping that the Democrats soon would outrun their supply lines or, besotted by success, fall to feuding among themselves.
Justin Masterson hit Willy Aybar with an obviously misaimed breaking ball in the first inning, but the Rays didn't retaliate.
Furthermore, probably because Alexander's study was initiated in 1998--that is, before 9/11--the choice of case studies is arguably misaimed.
If this is thus a work in progress, then the external evidence is permanent--the dips and furrows, created by misaimed shellfire, the forests of trees all so obviously of a single age, and the 150 war-grave cemeteries that stand gleaming at every aspect.
Ten others, misaimed, were allowed to land harmlessly in the desert or gulf waters.