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tr.v. mis·al·lo·cat·ed, mis·al·lo·cat·ing, mis·al·lo·cates
To allocate (resources or capital, for example) wrongly or inappropriately.

mis′al·lo·ca′tion n.


vb (tr)
to allocate wrongly
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It grossly misallocates resources that could be better spent elsewhere.
Critics charge it misallocates scarce funds, provides a false sense of security and lowers peoples' guard.
The current system misallocates Chinese talent, prevents graduates from reaching their full potential, and impedes the economy's capacity to ascend global value chains.
It undermines trust in the state, misallocates resources and stops countries and true entrepreneurs from getting rich, The Economist noted in an article titled Dealing with murky moguls.
Misallocates power--by rewarding those who are the most politically adept rather than those who are the most capable leaders.
The EU's increasing income inequality misallocates the purchasing power that its economy desperately needs for growth and employment.
If we believe that a financial system dominated by private banks fails to use our savings for the good of society--it misallocates capital--then an increase in public ownership within the financial system makes sense.
From milk marketing orders, to Regulation Q, to Essential Air Service, there are heaps of examples of government intervention that misallocates scarce resources away from high value uses, not toward them.
So, as we move ahead with DAV's 21st Century Claims Process initiative, we will again call on our grassroots network to help make the case for these common-sense solutions for the overly complex and poorly understood claims processing system that wastes time, squanders money and misallocates scarce resources while not living up to our national commitment to disabled veterans and their families and survivors.
It encourages Americans to needlessly destroy still useful cars and then misallocates scarce resources from other, perhaps more productive, uses in order to subsidize replacements.
He added: "Scottish Water is terribly inefficient, misallocates resources and has become a burden on economic growth.
(4) Furthermore, were this prohibition to be lifted, the bureaucratic process that currently misallocates the artificially scarce kidneys would vanish.