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Hatred or mistrust of men.

[miso- + Greek anēr, andr-, man (on the model of misogyny); see -andry.]

mi·san′drist n.
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hatred of men
[C20: from Greek, from miso- + -andria, from anēr man]
misˈandrist n, adj
misˈandrous adj
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misandry, misandria

an extreme dislike of males, frequently based upon unhappy experience or upbringing. Cf. misogynism.
See also: Attitudes
in women, an abnormal aversion to males.
See also: Male
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People can dismiss Womad as the website of an extreme bunch of man-haters a misandrists or feminazi.
Would the writer have then called them misandrists? The writer's is also wrong in saying that "as long as a woman wears the hijab and is modestly dressed, there is no prohibition in Shariah against gender mixing." Going by this logic, someone would argue that after wearing the hijab, Muslim women can pray alongside strange men in the same row in mosques or they can travel sitting close to strange men.
4) "Misandrists" (i.e., women who do not respect men or even hate men, but will engage in sexual relations with a man enough times to get pregnant and have children by them)