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Hatred or mistrust of men.

[miso- + Greek anēr, andr-, man (on the model of misogyny); see -andry.]

mi·san′drist n.
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hatred of men
[C20: from Greek, from miso- + -andria, from anēr man]
misˈandrist n, adj
misˈandrous adj
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misandry, misandria

an extreme dislike of males, frequently based upon unhappy experience or upbringing. Cf. misogynism.
See also: Attitudes
in women, an abnormal aversion to males.
See also: Male
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Most bizarrely the Green MP Caroline Lucas, following a spasm of misandry, suggested only an all women Cabinet could prevent Brexit.
There's also live performances from AJA, Denim and Leather, Handle and Kurt Dirt, plus DJ sets from Kiss Me Again, Chew Disco, Marilyn Misandry and residents.
The President has accused these people of "misandry" or hatred of men, insisting there was nothing wrong with him giving compliments to women.
According to this sub-group of feminists, while misogyny is reprehensible and evil, misandry is laudable.
In the process of creating such identities, we have caged ourselves and from these cages, we hurl stones and arrows at the "other", may that cage be of misogyny or misandry. Would not it be better to escape from our own imagined cages and thrive towards the emancipation of human and not of a man or a woman?
The writer has been writing articles out of sheer misandry. She ought to realise that the objective of such writing should be to bring about a positive change rather than create a negative perception about so-called educated woman.
It will consider whether to include misogyny and misandry as part of a broader definition.
Those words cannot apply to a man who has been working nonstop since he was 6 years old, who lives in mortal fear of the "blank pages in my datebook," who, in recent months, has sparred for no clear reason with the star of "Star Trek: Discovery" and alienated progressive Trekkies with alt-right triggers like "misandry" and "snowflake," and who, in titling his book has co-opted the very Vulcan salute patented by his dead friend Leonard.
The Red Pill philosophy purports to awaken men to feminism's misandry and brainwashing.
I found it quite difficult because I tend to discount--well, I do discount--most of Lawrence's philosophy and certainly his view of the male-female battle." Jackson, here in the first of five films she would make with Russell, evinces slinky hints of misandry in an early scene, as her character explains the etymology of her given name to Gerald: "In a Norse myth, Gudrun was a sinner who murdered her husband." (Jackson won an Oscar for her performance.)