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 (mĭs′ən-thrōp′, mĭz′-) also mis·an·thro·pist (mĭs-ăn′thrə-pĭst, mĭz′-)
One who hates or mistrusts humankind.

[French, from Greek mīsanthrōpos, hating mankind : mīso-, miso- + anthrōpos, man.]
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(ˈmɪzənˌθrəʊp) or


a person who dislikes or distrusts other people or mankind in general
[C17: from Greek mīsanthrōpos, from misos hatred + anthrōpos man]
misanthropic, ˌmisanˈthropical adj
ˌmisanˈthropically adv
misanthropy n
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(ˈmɪs ənˌθroʊp, ˈmɪz-)

also mis•an•thro•pist

(mɪsˈæn θrə pɪst, mɪz-)

a hater of humankind.
[1555–65; n. use of Greek mīsánthrōpos hating humankind, misanthropic. See mis-2, anthropo-]
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Noun1.misanthrope - someone who dislikes people in generalmisanthrope - someone who dislikes people in general
crank, crosspatch, grouch, grump, churl - a bad-tempered person
misogynist, woman hater - a misanthrope who dislikes women in particular
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noun cynic, sceptic, grouch, grump, misanthropist, mankind-hater One myth is that he was a grumbling misanthrope.
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A person who expects only the worst from people:
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[ˈmɪzənθrəʊp] Nmisántropo m
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[ˈmɪzənθrəʊp] nmisanthrope m/f
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Let the advocates of a falsely called Philanthropy plead as they may for the abrogation of the Irregular Penal Laws, I for my part have never known an Irregular who was not also what Nature evidently intended him to be -- a hypocrite, a misanthropist, and, up to the limits of his power, a perpetrator of all manner of mischief.
Relatives I had as few as misanthropist could desire; but from self-congratulation on the fact, on first landing, I soon came to keen regret.
All the world used her ill, said this young misanthropist, and we may be pretty certain that persons whom all the world treats ill, deserve entirely the treatment they get.
A group calling itself the Anti-Fascist Initiative "Cake for Misanthropists" passed out flyers that referenced Wagenknecht's refugee stance as the motive for the attack.