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tr.v. mis·at·trib·ut·ed, mis·at·trib·ut·ing, mis·at·trib·utes
To attribute incorrectly: misattributed the quotation to Dickens.

mis′at·tri·bu′tion (-ă-trĭ-byo͞o′shən) n.
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vb (tr)
to attribute wrongly
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Value added or misattributed? A multi-institution study on the educational benefit of labs for reinforcing physics content.
The image showed a blue Star of David above a hand pushing down on a group of people accompanied by a quote frequently misattributed to the philosopher Voltaire: "To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize."
But for all its shortcomings, Shields' book anticipated how quotes would get misattributed or passed around without attribution all the time on social media.
The following quote was misattributed to Montgomery in my article:
He insists that his sensational beginning, as the world's then fastest ODI century-maker in 1996 at the age of 19 (he says the media misattributed his age as 16), did not put much pressure on him because that innings was entirely instinctive.
The comment was almost immediately misattributed to Carter and has continuously circulated on Facebook.
Meanwhile, the administration's critics are feasting on the inaction misattributed to the President when their harangues should have been strongly directed at the House of Representatives whose leaders allegedly tampered with the bicameral-approved draft of the national budget.
We are told that he began to collect paintings just after the turn of the 20th century when, in 1902, he bought misattributed pictures from Agnew's, and in 1903 he sought lessons from Camille Benoit, a curator at the Louvre.
"Without staff buy-in, the true nature of the problem remains hidden and the impact in terms of staff morale, attrition and reduced quality of care is unrecognised or misattributed," the study concluded.
The post had side-by-side photos of Michelle Obama and a nude Melania Trump, as well as a quote misattributed to Pat Robertson.
We don't expect our government officials to speak perfect English, or not make the occasional error of tweeting misattributed inspirational' quotes The quote is irrational even at the most superficial examination, when one thinks of all famous personalities in the world who died poor.