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tr.v. mis·at·trib·ut·ed, mis·at·trib·ut·ing, mis·at·trib·utes
To attribute incorrectly: misattributed the quotation to Dickens.

mis′at·tri·bu′tion (-ă-trĭ-byo͞o′shən) n.
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vb (tr)
to attribute wrongly
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Instead, the Welsh text's anonymous author most likely modeled his work on Thomas Speght's edition of Chaucer, which misattributes Henryson's version to Chaucer.
The second problem is that the tweet misattributes the quote to Bill Gates.
Simon thus joins those, most influentially the Triestine Claudio Magris, who locate a crucible of modernism in the city where Svevo took English lessons from Joyce, where Rilke translated the occult signs of "schreckliche" angels on the ramparts of Duino, and where inter alia Scipio Slataper, Bobi Bazlen, Carlo Michelstaedter, and the brothers Stuparich endeavoured to fuse the dominant cultural groups of Europe that folk etymology fancifully misattributes still to the city's name (Trieste as "three-east" eastern Italian nexus of Romance, Teutonic, and Slavic language groups).
While Lewis neglects that cultural convergence, she does delve into the complicated, contradictory strands of working-class politics in this period, crediting the labor historian Jefferson Cowie with the observation that white workers in the '70s were "vigorously left, right, and center." (She misattributes the line--Cowie was quoting Michael Harrington.) This is a favorite topic for scholars of recent American history, who are frequently fascinated by the fact that rank-and-file labor militancy was on the rise at the same time that figures like George Wallace were able to find a blue-collar audience.
Ettenhuber convincingly establishes that, in spite of Donne's display of contempt toward Aquinas, there are places where he actually quotes Thomas' wording but misattributes the text to Augustine, whose ideas have been heavily modified by Aquinas along the way (84).
Bill Condon's review of multiple assessment texts misattributes Chris Gallagher's article to College Composition and Communication, when in fact that article was published in College English.
The entry on falsifiability overlooks the arguments against Popper's use of the notion; the entry on freethought misrepresents falsifiability as a criterion for meaningfulness and misattributes it to logical positivism; the entry on logical positivism, in turn, fails to mention its great popularizer in the Anglophone world, A.
In the bibliography Price errs in claiming 1986 to be the date for Shepard's article (it is 1987); reverses the dates of publication of the two works by Piscatori; misattributes Vatin's essay on puritanism and reform in Algerian Islam to Piscatori's 1986 work, Islam in a World of Nation States (Vatin's essay appeared in Piscatori's 1983 edited volume, Islam in the Political Process); and misspells a variety of author names and terms: "Phanatos" (correct: Thanatos), "Ahkavi" (it is Akhavi), "Mahkzen" (it is Makhzen), "Mattadeh" (it is Mottahedeh), "Tahari" (it is Taheri), "Tibbi" (it is Tibi), and so on.
The compositor was careless at times and perhaps inexperienced, and made a number of minor errors: he misattributes speeches, duplicates words and phrases, and occasionally omits words."