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tr.v. mis·at·trib·ut·ed, mis·at·trib·ut·ing, mis·at·trib·utes
To attribute incorrectly: misattributed the quotation to Dickens.

mis′at·tri·bu′tion (-ă-trĭ-byo͞o′shən) n.
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vb (tr)
to attribute wrongly
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Honestly, there are three: death, taxes, and political leaders misattributing this quote, which actually comes from British actor Christopher Bullock in 1716.
Another surprise in the latest report was that a major furniture retailer in a nearby city has been misattributing its sales tax when those goods have been delivered to an Oklahoma City address.
Misattributing an attack and responding in an offensive matter against a bystander could create larger problems.
The 1858 Leonids were also discounted after the research team discovered a dating error misattributing some of Whitman's observations of the 1833 Leonids to the latter year.
"To focus exclusively on the consequences of a youth's homoeroticism, researchers risk misattributing normal adolescent experiences to sexual orientation," Savin-Williams writes in his book.
This process includes minimizing (e.g., "the child didn't suffer"), ignoring ("I don't care"), and misattributing the consequences of the abuse ("irresponsible caregivers are to blame").
TABLE 1 Percentages of Posts That Used Cognitive Distortions Cognitive Distortion % Justifying conduct Euphemistic labeling 24.4 Moral justification 5.0 Psychological justification 1.7 Palliative comparisons 3.8 Misperceiving consequences Minimizing the consequences 1.3 Ignoring the consequences 0.0 Misattributing the consequences 1.0 Attributing blame to the victim Dehumanization 0.4 Attribution of blame 0.8 Supplemental Basking in the reflected glory (BIRGing) 0.4 Child consent 3.4 Distortions present 26.9 Multiple distortions present 10.1 TABLE 2 Purposes of Posts Purpose % Validation 21.4 Information 12.6 Materials 52.9 Victim seeking/grooming 3.8 Contact 3.4 Dialogue not otherwise specified 62.6 Outside interference 0.0 Multiple purposes 56.3 References
However, if the client is experiencing debilitating symptoms related to exogenous factors, such as discrimination or interpersonal difficulties, then the counselor is in danger of misattributing the client's distress.
Mark Slouka is misattributing to others characteristics and perceptions of the people he happens to know.
An understanding of the positive and negative symptoms of schizophrenia is essential to avoid misattributing characteristics of the illness to "laziness" or "lack of motivation" (Braitman et al., 1995).
There is a pleasant chronicle here of British naval memoirs in modern times (starting with Pepys) by Barry Gough (who confuses his French Marshals, thus misattributing Philippe Petain's supposed memorialist boutade).