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v. mis·be·haved, mis·be·hav·ing, mis·be·haves
To behave badly.
To behave (oneself) in an inappropriate way: The children misbehaved themselves at dinner.

mis′be·hav′er n.
mis′be·hav′ior (-hāv′yər) n.
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a. malcriado-a, majadero-a; mal educado-a.
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References in classic literature ?
Can it be that I have so misbehaved to a perfect Circle?"
She had not forgotten how Toto and Billina had misbehaved in Bunbury, and perhaps the rabbit was wise to insist on their staying outside the town.
He seemed to have lost his own sense of what had happened in the corn field and when he put up a strong hand and took hold of the lapel of Ray's coat he shook the old man as he might have shaken a dog that had misbehaved.
Of these, twelve in all {177} have misbehaved, and have been wanting in respect to me, and also to Penelope.
Peggotty and the Yarmouth boatmen having put off in a gale of wind with an anchor and cable to the "Nelson" Indiaman in distress; and you shall go there another day, and find them deep in the evidence, pro and con, respecting a clergyman who has misbehaved himself; and you shall find the judge in the nautical case, the advocate in the clergyman's case, or contrariwise.
"I neither say nor think so," said Sancho; "let them look to it; with their bread let them eat it; they have rendered account to God whether they misbehaved or not; I come from my vineyard, I know nothing; I am not fond of prying into other men's lives; he who buys and lies feels it in his purse; moreover, naked was I born, naked I find myself, I neither lose nor gain; but if they did, what is that to me?
Siddiqui confirmed that Zahid misbehaved with polio team workers in Hali Road police station's area and he was also detained.
The Savor Food administration misbehaved with the inspection team during the checking therefore, restaurant was sealed by the administration.
Summary: Hyderabad (Telangana) [India], Aug 2 (ANI): A cop, who allegedly misbehaved with a girl student of Dr BRKR Government Ayurvedic College in Hyderabad, was suspended by the police administration on Thursday.
The District Accounts Officer misbehaved with the other staff also who objected on posting of his on and issuing orders to them.
MULTAN: Airport Security Force (ASF) officials on Monday arrested a passenger who was reportedlydrunk and misbehaved with the crew and passengers of a private airline.According to details, a passenger of an international flight, coming fromDohatoMultan,misbehaved and abused the crew and passengers.
Earlier, the lady misbehaved with police for being stopped to enter her car into diplomatic enclave without a number plate.