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1. A wrong or faulty belief.
2. A heretical or unorthodox religious belief.


a false or unorthodox belief


(ˌmɪs bɪˈlif)

erroneous belief; false opinion.


 of painters; painters collectivelyBk. of St. Albans, 1486.


nirrige Annahme; (Rel) → Irrglaube m
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Canessa told The Nation's Health that education is necessary because there is miscommunication in Hispanic communities about lupus, such as the misbelief that it is a communicable disease.
If we sustain this recent round of attacks unscathed, the danger here is a misbelief that the dietary supplement industry is invulnerable, that these setbacks are not signs of a looming storm.
CREATOR JULIAN FELLOWES' SERIES OVERVIEW There is a common misbelief that in January 1920 everyone broke into the Charleston and the 20s, as we know them, began.
But let's not make the mistake of doing it because of the misbelief that skin color or racial background is either a deterrent or a boost to the hard work of teaching or learning.
As we shall see between Oedipus and Jocasta, the deficiencies of Abram's faith are compounded in his spouse's misbelief.
27) While the mother's demise seems "Death's natural hest," "To know she too is Death's seems misbelief .
The common misbelief that older adults do not engage in sexual activities adds to the stigma and means people do not seek help early enough.
Within a half hour I was rereading a forensically precise dissection of the specious but widely indulged misbelief that any connection might be made between the Continental master's work and Rick's.
See for example Roy Gottfried's and Sebastian Knowles's Joyce's Misbelief (2008), Mary Lowe Evans's Catholic Nostalgia in Joyce and Company (2008), and R.
The inconvenience of OC-related bleeding and the misbelief that bleeding is an indication of poor efficacy are frequent causes of OC discontinuation, said Dr Gittler.
2) The subjectivist thesis: A negative judgment is not simply equivalent, but is reducible, either to a judgment that some other judgment is false or to a misbelief.
Is a commonly held misbelief that flu vaccination causes illness in asthmatics", says Professor Papadopoulos.