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 (mĭ-sĕj′ə-nā′shən, mĭs′ĭ-jə-)
Cohabitation, sexual relations, marriage, or interbreeding involving persons of different races, especially in historical contexts as a transgression of the law.

[Latin miscēre, to mix; see meik- in Indo-European roots + genus, race; see genə- in Indo-European roots + -ation.]

mis·ceg′e·na′tion·al adj.


of or relating to miscegenation
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The English angst about racial infection lingering around the textual body is not limited to miscegenational fear as the "infection" gets more and more metaphoric.
The core of this miscegenational theme is not merely love between Christian captive and Muslim woman, but the additional elements of active collaboration and willing conversion by the female character (1914: 347).
The daughter of a miscegenational relationship between a master and his mistress, Clotel, who is being raised by her mother to become a lady, attracts the attention of the young white Horatio Green who promises to make her the "mistress of her own dwelling.