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n. pl. mis·cel·la·nies
1. A collection of various items, parts, or ingredients, especially one composed of diverse literary works.
2. miscellanies A publication containing various literary works.

[Latin miscellānea, miscellanea; see miscellanea.]


(mɪˈsɛlənɪ; US ˈmɪsəˌleɪnɪ)
n, pl -nies
1. a mixed assortment of items
2. (Literary & Literary Critical Terms) (sometimes plural) a miscellaneous collection of essays, poems, etc, by different authors in one volume
[C16: from French miscellanées (pl) miscellanea]


(ˈmɪs əˌleɪ ni; Brit. mɪˈsɛl ə ni)

n., pl. -nies.
1. a collection of various items or parts.
2. a book of literary works by several authors on various topics.
3. miscellanies, miscellaneous articles or entries, as in a book.
[1590–1600; Anglicized variant of miscellanea]

miscellanea, miscellany

a varied collection, particularly a collection of literary works, extracts, fragments, etc., in book form. — miscellaneous, adj.
See also: Books
a varied collection, particularly a collection of literary works, extracts, fragments, etc., in book form. — miscellaneous, adj.
See also: Collections and Collecting


 a mixture of various things; a medley, 1617; a collection of writings on various subjects.
Examples: miscellany of Christians and Turks together, 1703; of deformities, 1620; of humours, 1668; of prose; of irreconcilable theorists, 1833; of trees, 1703.
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Noun1.miscellany - a collection containing a variety of sorts of thingsmiscellany - a collection containing a variety of sorts of things; "a great assortment of cars was on display"; "he had a variety of disorders"; "a veritable smorgasbord of religions"
aggregation, collection, accumulation, assemblage - several things grouped together or considered as a whole
grab bag - an assortment of miscellaneous items
witches' brew, witches' broth, witch's brew - a fearsome mixture; "a witches' brew of gangsters and terrorists"; "mixing dope and alcohol creates a witches' brew"
range - a variety of different things or activities; "he answered a range of questions"; "he was impressed by the range and diversity of the collection"
selection - an assortment of things from which a choice can be made; "the store carried a large selection of shoes"
alphabet soup - a confusing assortment; "Roosevelt created an alphabet soup of federal agencies"
sampler - an assortment of various samples; "a candy sampler"; "a sampler of French poets"
2.miscellany - an anthology of short literary pieces and poems and ballads etc.
anthology - a collection of selected literary passages



různorodá sbírkasměs


[mɪˈselənɪ] N [of objects] → miscelánea f; [of writings] → antología f


[mɪˈsɛləni] nrecueil m


n (= collection)(bunte) Sammlung, (buntes) Gemisch; (= variety)Vielfalt f; (of writings)vermischte Schriften pl; (of poems, articles)Sammelband m, → Auswahl f


[mɪˈsɛlənɪ] nmisto; (Literature) → miscellanea, raccolta (Radio, TV) → selezione f


(misəˈleiniəs) adjective
composed of several kinds; mixed. a miscellaneous collection of pictures.
short for miscellaneous items. The last section of the catalogue is entitled `miscellaneous'.
miscellany (miˈseləni) , ((American) ˈmisəleini) plural miscellanies noun
a collection or mixture of things.
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For the mid-century miscellanists, the writing of courtly verse was primarily a gentlemanly activity in which the active participants were almost exclusively male, and in which the attitudes and gestures marketed as socially desirable contributed to the construction of a desirable mid-century masculine self, humanist-educated and socially aspiring.
Although such a family-values literature might seem oppressive, Benedict shows how miscellanists exulted in the freakish variety of popular taste.