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* Inputs protected up to [+ or -]60 VDC against possible misconnection.
The New York engineers, listening, thought it was a case of crossed wires, and a real telephone misconnection. They pulled out all the plugs.
This method is not applicable to the connection of larger contour lines gaps, and it is likely to cause misconnection of break points between parallel contour lines.
United Utilities investigated whether the foam could have been caused by a 'misconnection' of a pipe - possibly from a washing machine running into a river - but this was later ruled out.
When teachers are not, they must figure out the root of the misconnection. For example, in another case from this study, misconnections were due to cultural and linguistic differences (Vetter et al., 2013).
Other technological enhancements include unique connection systems to avoid misconnection of feeding tubes, user-friendly techniques, such as portable feeding pumps, programming options, programmable flushing intervals, multiple languages, occlusion pressure alarm options, history of previous feed rates, and screen and program lock-out features to prevent manipulation.
This high temperature connector is also available in a multi-coupling version, capable of accommodating six circuits (12 couplings) all of which can be connected simultaneously in one single action and can only be connected in one position, eliminating any risk of wrong or misconnection. The major operational benefit of assembling an array of quick release connectors onto a single multi-coupling plate is interesting.
My own investigation was sparked by the observation that oral communication in Outcast most often leads to misconnection and failure, and my argument brings to the fore the ways in which verbal communication proves to be equally complicated and just as often prone to failure as writing.
To do otherwise is to perpetuate misconnection at best or disconnection at worst.
Due to a possible misconnection on account of this schedule change, our reservation team rebooked guests on the immediate next departure to Goa to avoid guests being inconvenienced on arrival at Mumbai.
That has been an incorrect assumption leading to misconnection of the importance and utility of EDTA.