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Noun1.misconstrual - a kind of misinterpretation resulting from putting a wrong construction on words or actions (often deliberately)misconstrual - a kind of misinterpretation resulting from putting a wrong construction on words or actions (often deliberately)
misinterpretation, mistaking, misunderstanding - putting the wrong interpretation on; "his misinterpretation of the question caused his error"; "there was no mistaking her meaning"
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This misconstrual virtually kills the original intent of our lawmakers to establish a truly additive L1 + L2 educational system.
1) by scrutinizing the many different tactics of cultural sharing at play: appropriation, reconfiguration, translation, disavowal, intervention, and misconstrual. Conventional theories of one-way cultural influence, whether from India to the archipelago or from Java to Bali and the Malay world, are shown to be inadequate to explain the diverse manifestations of the Rdmdyana and Makdbkdrata in the region.
The poem thus exemplifies a pattern she finds in nonnarrative Victorian poems in general: "Internal and external worlds remain stubbornly incongruent, and memory is inseparable from misconstrual and impercipience" (p.
Among the topics are two phenomenologists do not disagree, the new phenomenology of carrying forward, Arakawa and Gins: the organism-person-environment process, time's dependence on space: Kant's statements and Heidegger's misconstrual of them, and the responsive order: a new empiricism.
This misconstrual of agency is not so much unfair as short-sighted.
Not only has the failure to deal with this crucial consideration led to a serious misconstrual of 'good seeing' in modern thought.
And this clarity of vision, a strong light that effortlessly shatters the darkness of cant and purposeful misconstrual, repeatedly brightens his chosen fields of battle to the point of stunning his opponents and delighting all others.
Dissatisfied with the popular media misconstrual and melodramatizing of Fourtin, lawyers and legal commentators next weighed in on the ruling and its aftermath.
To celebrate the centenary of Allen's first volume, an international conference was held at Oxford in 2006 which brought together scholars from eight countries to discuss such matters as the editing and translation of Erasmus's letters, his relations with some important contemporaries (e.g., Ulrich von Hutten, Dirk Martens, Juan Luis Vives, Wolfgang Capito, Etienne Dolet, and Duke George of Saxony), and a number of more general issues relating to the Erasmian legacy (e.g., its use in the seventeenth century, by religious apologists in England and Justus Lipsius on the continent, and its misconstrual in early twentieth-century English literary criticism).
Without newer data to revise the assumptions that have followed from this misconstrual, schools have been cast as monochromatically "traditional" and stubbornly resistant to change.
(4.) The architect John Pawson, a proponent of elegant simplicity, may be more responsible than anybody else for the currently fashionable misconstrual; but no orthodox Minimal Art is elegant because elegance is at odds with Minimalist bluntness.