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For Taylor, Hindess, and Hirst misconstruct the idea of the AMP only to reject it, whereas the AMP is best understood rather as a nondevelopmental mode of production.
There are numerous ways in which students can misconstruct concepts and principles largely due to failing of shifting between macroscopic and microscopic phenomena.
This would be to misconstruct the history of the book in antiquity.
Environmental problems are real, and most of them cannot be addressed adequately, much less effectively solved, without coming to terms with the social purposes of those who misconstruct political economy and the environment around the mystified terms that are most commonly used today.
'We are sounding a word of caution to the perpetrators of these attacks and their sponsors that enough is enough, as our desire for peace to reign in our state should not and not be misconstructed as a sign of weakness.
a misconstructed being like Frankenstein's creature.
The oppression of the minority doctrine is just a misconstructed manifestation of the conventional fiduciary accountability of shareholders.
Your ingenious idea to make a brand stand out among the crowd can go vehemently wrong in marginally misconstructed narratives, leading up in all the wrong headlines (like this one, for instance.) Often, the intent is nowhere near what the ads eventually end up portraying.