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tr.v. mis·cre·at·ed, mis·cre·at·ing, mis·cre·ates
To make or shape badly.
adj. (mĭs′krē-ĭt, -āt′)
Formed unnaturally; misshapen or deformed.

mis′cre·a′tion n.
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(ˌmɪs kriˈeɪ tɪd)

badly or wrongly created; misshapen; monstrous.
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Whence and what art thou, execrable shape, That dar'st, though grim and terrible, advance Thy miscreated Front athwart my way To yonder Gates?
But Surkhaab, just because it has not been edited properly, has a touch of miscreated chaos, which is unfortunate because the concept of enlarging the scope of conventional pen portraits is refreshing and original for which Javed must get due credit.
Neuharth, on the other hand, way back then, stated that the Iraq adventure was "the biggest military mess miscreated by the Oval Office and miscarried by the Pentagon in my 80-year lifetime."