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tr.v. mis·dat·ed, mis·dat·ing, mis·dates
To date (a document or event, for example) inaccurately.
An inaccurate date.
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(tr) to date (a letter, event, etc) wrongly
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v. -dat•ed, -dat•ing,
n. v.t.
1. to assign or affix a wrong date to.
2. a wrong date.
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Past participle: misdated
Gerund: misdating

I misdate
you misdate
he/she/it misdates
we misdate
you misdate
they misdate
I misdated
you misdated
he/she/it misdated
we misdated
you misdated
they misdated
Present Continuous
I am misdating
you are misdating
he/she/it is misdating
we are misdating
you are misdating
they are misdating
Present Perfect
I have misdated
you have misdated
he/she/it has misdated
we have misdated
you have misdated
they have misdated
Past Continuous
I was misdating
you were misdating
he/she/it was misdating
we were misdating
you were misdating
they were misdating
Past Perfect
I had misdated
you had misdated
he/she/it had misdated
we had misdated
you had misdated
they had misdated
I will misdate
you will misdate
he/she/it will misdate
we will misdate
you will misdate
they will misdate
Future Perfect
I will have misdated
you will have misdated
he/she/it will have misdated
we will have misdated
you will have misdated
they will have misdated
Future Continuous
I will be misdating
you will be misdating
he/she/it will be misdating
we will be misdating
you will be misdating
they will be misdating
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been misdating
you have been misdating
he/she/it has been misdating
we have been misdating
you have been misdating
they have been misdating
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been misdating
you will have been misdating
he/she/it will have been misdating
we will have been misdating
you will have been misdating
they will have been misdating
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been misdating
you had been misdating
he/she/it had been misdating
we had been misdating
you had been misdating
they had been misdating
I would misdate
you would misdate
he/she/it would misdate
we would misdate
you would misdate
they would misdate
Past Conditional
I would have misdated
you would have misdated
he/she/it would have misdated
we would have misdated
you would have misdated
they would have misdated
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Verb1.misdate - assign the wrong date tomisdate - assign the wrong date to    
date - assign a date to; determine the (probable) date of; "Scientists often cannot date precisely archeological or prehistorical findings"
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vt letterfalsch datieren
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Other developments are misdated: the condemnation of idleness as a source of evil, identified by Manion as a postrevolutionary idea, had actually comprised a rhetorical staple in England, and then its colonies, since medieval times (92).
He ascribed a memory of bathing in the Indian Ocean to his second year, although memories from such an early age are rare and are likely to be misdated or partly constructed later in life.
A short chronicle dated to the period of the oprichnina, of course anonymous, misdated the establishment of the oprichnina to 1556.
Writing to his parents a day later, in the wake of the violence, he described the scene: "about 100,000 people on a minimum all so drunk that they are worse than_wild beasts ..." His first patient "was out cold and someone had taken the jagged end of a broken bottle and just slashed his face to pieces." Douglas was so upset by the rampage he misdated his letter April 9, a month before it was written and averred that many scenes he witnessed were so shocking and sordid he could not commit them to paper.
(2) Johannes Hofer, Dissertatio medica de nostalgia, oder Heimwehe (Basel: Jacobus Bertschius, [1688]) (hereafter Dissertatio); this edition is misdated on the titlepage as 1678.
A misdated map lands the ship in Honolulu in 1884, where businessmen are plotting to overthrow the last king of Hawaii.
However, when faced with Forrest's The Seconde Grisilde, readers are at present liable to be led astray, since the work has been misdated by two years.
In 1930, the chief honorary coach of the NSW Amateur Swimming Association, Dudley Hellmrich, argued that this event, which he misdated as occurring in 1897, led to the introduction and naming of the crawl stroke.
(87) More significant than this minor lapse--possibly the result of a mislabelled or misdated photograph--Sisler later notes that it was in 1905 that the Winnipeg School Board introduced night school classes for adults seeking to develop basic English language skills.
(30) The patient was arrested and only released after it became clear that the hospital had misdated her pregnancy and that she was not far enough along to be charged under Iowa's fetal homicide law.
The Open Letter of January 1921 is misdated January 1920 on page 459.
In one instance, a book was misdated by centuries through carbon testing after the owner of the book in the next room was burned alive by what, Skurka believes, was spontaneous human combustion.