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n. Law
One who has committed a misdemeanor.


(Law) criminal law (formerly) a person who has committed or been convicted of a misdemeanour. Compare felon1


(ˌmɪs dɪˈmi nənt)

a person who has been convicted of a misdemeanor.
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It adds to the limited capacity of the county jail to hold AaAeAeA misdemeanant
Tenders are invited for reviewing an array of currently provided corrections services for misdemeanant populations for efficiency and cost effectiveness and make recommendations of how the services could be improved and estimate the cost of the city to take this service in-house.
In Gillespie, the police misdemeanant also argued that the Lautenberg Amendment violated his right to bear arms as a member, effectively, of a state militia.
finding that the misdemeanant poses a continuing risk of violence before
124) Even when a background check thwarts an attempted purchase by a convicted domestic violence misdemeanant, the hindrance is usually only momentary.
The unwise and baseless allegations leveled against the head of ISI in embarrassing tone and misdemeanant language not only brought the person of DG ISI in disrepute but harmed the interests of the country at national and international levels.
In Gamer, the Court noted that at common law, deadly force was permissible in the apprehension of a felon but was condemned as disproportionately severe when used to apprehend a misdemeanant.
The court of appeals applied the totality-of-the-circumstances test to the specific facts and concluded that the substantial state interests in DNA sampling outweighed Johnson's diminished expectation of privacy as a misdemeanant, and therefore, the DNA sample did not violate the search and seizure provisions of the United States or Minnesota Constitutions.
Both the convicted felon and the convicted misdemeanant may be
Global risk factors and the prediction of recidivism rates in a sample of first-time misdemeanant offenders.
Creamer or any other misdemeanant could suffer a massive intrusion upon the right to privacy in the future at the hands of law enforcement personnel stretching the limits of their discretion to release and acting on little or no justification.
Wiensenfeld, 22, of 135 Bull Run Road, Cedar Creek, Texas, disorderly conduct, guilty, probation until May 12, 2010, remain drug and alcohol free, $50 victim witness; aiding accused misdemeanant to escape, guilty, probation until May 12, 2010; resisting arrest, guilty, $500 fine/assessment, $125 surfine.