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tr.v. mis·de·scribed, mis·de·scrib·ing, mis·de·scribes
To describe wrongly or falsely.

mis′de·scrip′tion (-skrĭp′shən) n.


vb (tr)
to provide false or misleading information about (a product, service, etc)
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Connan Alexander Harvey, formerly trading as Alex Harvey Specialist Cars in Priors Marston near Southam, admitted clocking and misdescribing cars and forging documents.
24) Performative speech acts fail when challenged respectively by instances of miscalling, misdescribing, misexemplifying, or misidentifying.
In addition to misdescribing hard incompatibilism, discussed above, she seems to equate determinism and fatalism (18), and she explicitly equates theological determinism with divine foreknowledge (22).
Failing that, they should compensate Paul for misdescribing the car.
Innovation Waste Management (IWM) of Birkenhead, Wirral, pleaded guilty at Teesside Magistrates Court on Monday to an environmental offence by misdescribing waste which was sent to a Darlington scrapyard where they began to spontaneously combust.
It is startling how it is this addressee who bears the brunt of the anger; not the perpetrators, but someone misdescribing war in mendacious patriotic rhetoric such as the Latin tag at the close: 'It is sweet and fitting, beautiful, to die for your country'.
Shakespeare conservators often use this strategy, denying the possibility of certainty and finality--which sensible proponents of attribution studies would never make--while misdescribing the attributional scholar's enterprise.
Consequently, I see transcendental ethical thinkers like Illies as misdescribing both ethics and transcendental argumentation.