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tr.v. mis·de·scribed, mis·de·scrib·ing, mis·de·scribes
To describe wrongly or falsely.

mis′de·scrip′tion (-skrĭp′shən) n.


an incorrect or misleading description
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The word 'Benami' in power of attorney, is a misdescription contrary to the factum of ownership, notwithstanding the gift by respondent No-1 (Khan), the entire sale price having been remitted by Jemima Khan and all mutations in the revenue record being in her name.
He stated the the use of the word 'Benami' in the Power of Attorney, is a misdescription contrary to the factum of ownership, the gift by Respondent No.
A multiple DNA barcoding approach (full and mini) based on mitochondrial and nuclear markers reveals low rates of misdescription in sushi products sold on the Italian market.
In this latter case, given that common-sense psychology is said to have gone utterly wrong, the eliminativist's claim is that the theory is also mistaken about the type of phenomena of which it is supposed to be a misdescription.
Omissions from the specifications or the misdescription of details of work which are manifestly necessary to carry out the intent of the specifications or which are customarily performed, shall not relieve the Contractor from performing such omitted or misdescribed details of the work but they shall be performed as if fully and correctly set forth and described in the specifications.
If it said it was an external door or alluded to the fact that it was suitable for outdoor use, it will be a misdescription and you will be entitled to a refund.
This stands in stark contrast to a deceptiveness refusal, where the misdescription need not be material to the purchaser's purchasing decision.
It also finds expression in a misdescription I came across in researching this article.
Science" itself misdescribes it, in my opinion, very badly, and therefore, when we bring in "science," we usually don't bring in science; we bring the misdescription of science itself.
If, prior to a sale of classical sculpture or an Old Master painting, the object is described as meeting a certain standard of condition, when in fact it fails to do so, the buyer could instead have a remedy for misdescription under section 13 SGA 1979, as discussed in the preceding section, which might be a more straightforward claim.
Butler, supra note 136, at 189 ("If taken as the grounds of feminist theory or politics, these 'effects' of gender hierarchy and compulsory heterosexuality are not only misdescribed as foundations, but the signifying practices that enable this metaleptic misdescription remain outside the purview of a feminist critique of gender relations.
These cover a wide range of issues including microbiological contaminants, mycotoxins, process contaminants, inorganic contaminants, organic environmental contaminants, allergens, health claims, misdescription and adulteration and food labelling.