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tr.v. mis·de·scribed, mis·de·scrib·ing, mis·de·scribes
To describe wrongly or falsely.

mis′de·scrip′tion (-skrĭp′shən) n.
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vb (tr)
to provide false or misleading information about (a product, service, etc)
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The offences run into millions, with Viagogo's rope-a-dope misdescriptions and omissions in information combining with stunts to create a false idea that the ticket supply is about to dry up.
Check the estate agent's written particulars, since these are governed by The Property Misdescriptions Act 1991, which in certain circumstances creates an offence for making false or misleading statements.
Legislation has i cluded the Property Misdescriptions Act 1991, the Consumer Protection For Unfair Trading Regulations, Energy Performance Certificates as well as money laundering acts.
Since 1991, a key element of the legislation governing the workings of the property market has been the Property Misdescriptions Act (PMA).
If you do not, could you be prosecuted under the Property Misdescriptions Act?
The Office of Fair Trading announced in October that there will be a repeal of the Property Misdescriptions Act as the Consumer Protection Regulations aim to develop and extend an estate agent's duty of care to consumers as well as selling clients.
Housing commentator Henry Pryor says: "While encouraging the public to embrace new internet-based business models, the OFT has missed the opportunity to clarify the 1979 Estate Agents Act and to include online services and so called 'For-Sale-by-Owner' businesses that are not bound by regulations such as The Property Misdescriptions Act.
To make properties sound more attractive, we'd use flowery language and exaggerate room sizes (these were the days before the Property Misdescriptions Act).
Their lawyer said legally it was too late to do anything about the false claim but the couple complained to trading standards, who charged Goodfellow under the Property Misdescriptions Act.