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They misdiagnose not because they don't care, but because they simply don't have the time required to take a more in-depth look at the patient cases in front of them.
Doctors who measure blood pressure in the under-35s are more likely to misdiagnose hypertension than to diagnose it correctly says the report, published in the British Medical Journal.
With this long list of possible symptoms it is easy to understand why physicians that are not experienced with treating FMS patients often misdiagnose FMS.
"But in general we can now conclude, based on my findings, that it is very unlikely a doctor will misdiagnose Lyme disease as multiple sclerosis." This is especially true now that Lyme disease has been getting so much attention in the medical and lay press, even though many neurologists may never have seen a case.
Because of its diverse clinical manifestations, it is easy to misdiagnose. [sup][1] The definition of NMOSD was proposed by Wingerchuk e t al.
The Bone Cancer Research Trust said symptoms include painful bones or swollen joints which GPs can easily misdiagnose as a sporting injury or "growing pains".
Autopsies are rare, and it's easy to misdiagnose CJD as Alzheimer's disease.
Washington, July 16 (ANI): A study on coronary heart disease has found that family doctors misdiagnose patients as not having CHD.
But GPs misdiagnose back pain, insomnia and depression instead of giving the correct drugs.
Primary care physicians were more likely to misdiagnose the symptoms, but psychiatrists also misdiagnosed often, Dr Mark Frye said in a poster presentation at the annual meeting of the American Psychiatric Association.
In the case described here, the original ENG findings might have led a physician to misdiagnose the patient as having psychogenic dizziness.
The investigators found that the percentage of elderly people taking metoclopramide was much higher in the group being treated for Parkinson's than in the control group, suggesting that physicians frequently misdiagnose older patients.