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tr.v. mis·did (-dĭd′), mis·done (-dŭn′), mis·do·ing, mis·does (-dŭz′)
To do wrongly or awkwardly; botch.

mis·do′er n.
mis·do′ing n.


vb (tr) , -does, -doing, -did or -done
to do badly, wrongly, or improperly



v.t. -did, -done, -do•ing. v.t.
to do badly or wrongly; botch.
[before 950]
mis•do′er, n.
mis•do′ing, n.
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Verb1.misdo - do wrongly or improperlymisdo - do wrongly or improperly; "misdo one's job"
do, perform - get (something) done; "I did my job"
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Behold a virgin, whose distilling tears Turn the dry dust to paste, where she doth kneel, If me you touch with a lascivious hand, As from his eyes descends a flood of tears; So will you draw a river from his heart, Of his life's blood; both ways you shall obscure, The honour of your name: if virgin I, Or aged he, misdo by tyranny.
In slaughtering him thy virtues are defamed; Did'st thou misdo him in hope to win Perseda?
Japanese carrier Japan Airlines (JAL) on Wednesday announced that it has collaborated with Duskin Co Ltd to create AIR MISDO, a JAL Original version of doughnuts from the Mister Donut franchise.