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tr.v. mis·did (-dĭd′), mis·done (-dŭn′), mis·do·ing, mis·does (-dŭz′)
To do wrongly or awkwardly; botch.

mis·do′er n.
mis·do′ing n.
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Improper, often rude behavior:
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She is in bed again, looking as if she had never been out of it, but I know her and listen sternly to the tale of her misdoings. She is not contrite.
It was as much injured by its charges in fitting out an armament against the Spaniards, during the time of the Armada, as by the fines and confiscations levied on it by Elizabeth for harbouring of priests, obstinate recusancy, and popish misdoings. A recreant of James's time was momentarily perverted from his religion by the arguments of that great theologian, and the fortunes of the family somewhat restored by his timely weakness.
We are heartily rejoiced of thy safety; nevertheless, we pray thee to be on thy guard in the matter of this second Witch of Endor; for we are privately assured that your Great Master, who careth not a bean for cherry cheeks and black eyes, comes from Normandy to diminish your mirth, and amend your misdoings. Wherefore we pray you heartily to beware, and to be found watching, even as the Holy Text hath it, Invenientur vigilantes.
"The whole truth is out, Ellen," Paul continued, "and we have lined the squatter into his most secret misdoings. We have come to right the wronged and to free the imprisoned; now, if you are the girl of a true heart, as I have always believed, so far from throwing straws in our way, you will join in the general swarming, and leave old Ishmael and his hive to the bees of his own breed."
We are on a perilous margin when we begin to look passively at our future selves, and see our own figures led with dull consent into insipid misdoing and shabby achievement.
I shall eternally see his evil eyes as he threw himself into that well-hole in a vain effort to escape from the consequences of his own misdoing. The more I think of it, the more apparent it seems to me that he had premeditated the whole thing--of course, except his own horrible death.
Victorious deeds Flamed in my heart, heroic acts--one while To rescue Israel from the Roman yoke; Then to subdue and quell, o'er all the earth, Brute violence and proud tyrannic power, Till truth were freed, and equity restored: Yet held it more humane, more heavenly, first By winning words to conquer willing hearts, And make persuasion do the work of fear; At least to try, and teach the erring soul, Not wilfully misdoing, but unware Misled; the stubborn only to subdue.
There had fallen upon him a blow, cruel, indeed, but yet only the punishment of old misdoing; and he had rebelled and plunged into fresh sin.
and Miss Creakle; and that I was sent in holiday-time as a punishment for my misdoing, all of which he explained to me as we went along.
He further said that government was arranging sports activities for the youth to keep them healthy and save them from social misdoings.
This is to request PM Imran Khan, the Federal Ministers and the Chief Ministers of Punjab and Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa to stop forthwith talking about the misdoings and black deeds of the previous rulers about whom the people know much more than what is being said, leave them to face the bad music in the superior courts and anti-corruption watchdog and other law enforcing agencies and concentrate on telling the people about their own achievements in the first year in power and what they are planning to do in the coming days, weeks, months and years for the welfare and well-being of the people at large topped by measures to overcome the inherited sick economic crisis.
He made it clear that Mian Nawaz Sharif and Asif Ali Zardari would be held accountable for their past misdoings. The SAPM said the ruling party had agreed to make Shehbaz Sharif chairman of the Public Accounts Committee for the smooth working of the assembly.