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 (mĭz′ə-râr′ē, -rîr′ē)
1. Miserere
a. The 51st Psalm.
b. A musical setting of this psalm.
a. A prayer for mercy.
b. An expression of lamentation or complaint.

[Latin miserēre, have mercy, the first word of the psalm, imperative sing. of miserērī, to feel pity, from miser, wretched.]


(ˌmɪzəˈrɛərɪ; -ˈrɪərɪ)
(Ecclesiastical Terms) another word for misericord1


(ˌmɪzəˈrɛərɪ; -ˈrɪərɪ)
(Ecclesiastical Terms) the 51st psalm, the Latin version of which begins "Miserere mei, Deus" ("Have mercy on me, O God")


(ˌmɪz əˈrɛər i, -ˈrɪər i)

1. the 51st Psalm, or the 50th in the Douay Bible.
2. (l.c.) a prayer or expression of appeal for mercy.
[< Latin miserēre literally, have pity (imperative), first word of the psalm]
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In addition, on November 22, 2013, the City inaugurated a monument in tribute to the victims in the Plaza Miserere.
The duets in the first programme of the series include Italian choral piece Miserere and the Daniel Lloyd a Mr Pinc hit Eldon Terrace.
Mae'r deuawdau yn rhaglen gynta'r gyfres yn cynnwys y darn corawl Eidalaidd Miserere ac un o glasuron Daniel Lloyd a Mr Pinc, Eldon Terrace.
Psalm 51, known to many by its opening lines in Latin, Miserere mei, Deus--"Have mercy upon me, O God," in the King James Version--is couched in penitential humility: "For the lead player, a David psalm, upon Nathan the prophets coming to him when he had come to bed with Bathsheba.
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Armida Miserere, incarnee avec brio par Valeria Golino, mene une brillante carriere professionnelle et reve d'une vie paisible et heureuse aupres de son compagnon, Umberto Mormile, meme si elle est regulierement menacee de mort en raison de la fonction qu'elle occupe.
The eight settings of the penitential psalm Miserere mei Deus are also indicative of its centrality in the Roman liturgy.
La studiosa torna inoltre a sottolineare l'importanza del Miserere nella liturgia purgatoriale, come del resto dimostra la leggenda di san Patrizio e il ruolo che tale liturgia svolge entro quella tradizione letteraria e iconografica.
Sonaba, opaca, la quinta campanada del reloj de palacio, cuando el adormilado murmullo se volvio tempestad: alla la multitud, cobijas, capas, sobrepellices, rebozos, cruces, crucifijos, reliquias, misales, luchaba a fuerza de velas, hachones, ocotes y linternas de aceite de nabo, contra la espesa oscuridad; aca, en lo alto del convento de Santo Domingo, 2 frailes convocaban las campanas a duelo, mientras el coro de canonigos de la Catedral lanzaba al ciclo el Miserere .
The first division, won in good style by Serena Brotherton on Hab Reeh, was a rough race as far as Walker was concerned as he was given his ban for making a manoeuvre to the left soon after the start on Miserere Mei and later in the race he was nearly put over the rails in an incident in which no-one was considered to be at fault.