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tr.v. mis·gov·erned, mis·gov·ern·ing, mis·gov·erns
To govern inefficiently or badly.

mis·gov′ern·ment n.
mis·gov′er·nor n.
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Well, while these things were going on in America, King James had so misgoverned the people of England that they sent over to Holland for the Prince of Orange.
The naked exodus, down South, of the North's misgoverned young can, therefore, not be pleasant to the senses.
We are being misgoverned by a cabal of extreme Brexiteers in a conspiracy to pervert the referendum result into licence to overrule Parliament so that they can betray the national interest.
While there is some condemnation of this no-holds-barred campaign to hold accountable those who have governed and misgoverned us in the past 10 years, so far it seems that the loudest noises are coming from those in favour of the drive.
People of this country have been misgoverned since independence.
Peter are mostly from El Salvador and Guatemala, it is poor, misbegotten Honduras -- named by Columbus in 1502, fought over by pirates and native tribes, misgoverned by the greedy Spanish for four centuries -- that has become the symbol of the unfortunate wanderings of modern man.
Similarly, the judiciary's recent display of autonomy is admirable yet it remains one of the most corrupt and misgoverned institutions in the country.
Rao said Chief Minister Siddaramaiah has failed on all fronts of Governance and having misgoverned for four and a half years, he is now diverting public attention from his misgovernance.
Motley was in full agreement with Herr Bismarck's efforts to bring Germany together, he was unhappy about the consequences for a defenseless, well-intentioned but misgoverned Austria.
And the country continues to be governed or misgoverned as in the past.