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tr.v. mis·gov·erned, mis·gov·ern·ing, mis·gov·erns
To govern inefficiently or badly.

mis·gov′ern·ment n.
mis·gov′er·nor n.
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Well, while these things were going on in America, King James had so misgoverned the people of England that they sent over to Holland for the Prince of Orange.
Rao said Chief Minister Siddaramaiah has failed on all fronts of Governance and having misgoverned for four and a half years, he is now diverting public attention from his misgovernance.
And the country continues to be governed or misgoverned as in the past.
Others reported that when the central government was perceived as misgoverned or weak, responsibilities for informing the public about health threats and providing leadership during emergencies fell to local leaders.
Since then, Sudan has been misgoverned with recurring violent conflicts and political instability, and with an upsurge in politicising religion in public space.
Indeed, for the moment, Pakistan, which remains the Islamic world's only country armed with nuclear weapons and stands central to resolving a series of global challenges, ironically remains rudderless, misgoverned and simply unable to meet many of its internal challenges.
Ukraine has been misgoverned for decades, and it will have to pass through a valley of reform-induced tears before it starts to reap the benefits of association and integration with the EU.
25) Each of these instances demonstrates that the costs of misgoverned public corporations with poor risk management policies and procedures can reach the trillions.
Typically, successive Tory and Labour Governments and their sidekicks in coalition the LibDems have year on year misgoverned Wales and allowed this injustice to continue.
The problems are deeply rooted in the way this land mass called South Sudan was misgoverned since 2005.
ENI is exposed to political risk in Libya/Algeria and Repsol is exposed to Argentina's erratic, misgoverned state.