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tr.v. mis·guid·ed, mis·guid·ing, mis·guides
To cause to be misguided; mislead.

mis·guid′ance (-gīd′ns) n.
mis·guid′er n.
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Marry, good Sir, in some two years, or less, that the woman has been a dweller here in Boston, no tidings have come of this learned gentleman, Master Prynne; and his young wife, look you, being left to her own misguidance -- "
However, growth factor concentration may also influence misguidance of axonal targets and negatively impact functional neurocircuitry [55].
He asked Muslims not to be callers of misguidance and corruption, describing those who spread immorality as criminals who seek to harm Islamic communities.
At best, the present analysis suggests this position, especially as it runs through the works of many racial identity scholars 1971-present, is defeatist misguidance which "has lived long, but die it must" (Azibo, 1998, 213).
Should I cancel my sister's wedding because of the misguidance or miscommunication on the part of Noor Bank's staff, and make my whole family suffer?
"We are confident that the Tunisian people, under your leadership, will face this terrorism with greater unity and cohesion, and will not allow the remnants of extremism and misguidance to undermine its right to protect its democratic state and the way of life which it chose, and which will remain a landmark that motivates brotherly and neighboring states," Hariri added.
"Curing this sort of ideological misguidance is not an easy task, and it's not necessarily a perfect science," he said.
After command to reflection on the signs in creations, Allah says: So that this reflection and forethought in these verses does not work in the right of the command of God who is in eternity misery and misguidance [15].
We falter; we fall prey to misguidance, evil suggestions and our weaknesses; and sometimes we fail to walk a straight path.
The launch of this campaign anticipates benefiting a property seeker to a large extent without any hassle or misguidance. The seeker will have easy access to authentic property information online and hence can save time shortlisting properties online before going ahead with the deal; furthermore the Value Added Services from HomeShikari will help consumers with property related matters such as property tax payment, procurement of an Encumbrance Certificate/ Khata, managing a tenant, monitoring vacant property and more.
I also love distortions, infiltrations, obscure phrases, and roads that lead to jungles - not to mention the fog, unclear vision, fake compasses, and sources of misguidance.
When the authority eliminates all the political and national forces through legal violations, frauds and vote rigging, plus black magic and misguidance, this implies that it achieved its malicious objectives and intentions.