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A faulty or mistaken impression.
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a wrong impression
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(ˌmɪs ɪmˈprɛʃ ən)

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Indeed, automation and enhanced market monitoring also present the opportunity to correct a longstanding market misimpression. Although the Federal Reserve Bank of New York has no statutory authority to regulate the primary dealers, many people view the primary dealer system as evidence of some measure of oversight of those firms by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.
When you criticize, were you able to correct any misimpression?' the senator added as he appealed to the media to also report the strides of the government against illegal drugs and the numerous casualties sustained by the police during the campaign.
After her admonition against eating too much white rice sparked furor in social media, the head of the Senate committee on agriculture and food on Thursday sought to correct what she said was a misimpression that she wanted a ban on unlimited, or 'unli,' servings of rice in restaurants and food outlets.
"In general, I think people are under the misimpression that it costs a lot of money,'' Ms.
"We don't want to lead with the misimpression that we don't have to worry, [that] it's going to be 700 years until we have another surge.
One common misimpression is that-Benedict prefers the religious orders.
The members of both clubs are laboring under a slight misimpression.
Despite Mr Michael's vapid nonsense, those high-minded people at ITV's South Bank Show laboured under the misimpression they were in the presence of greatness.
Perhaps I should have said more by way of background about Lerner's theological radicalism to avoid any possible misimpression, but if Mr.
I suggest that perhaps the left has paid a steep price for the misimpression, shared by much of the country, that pampered, spoiled stars like Barbra Streisand and Alec Baldwin are liberalism's most significant spokespeople.
I work for the Centers for Disease Control and I would like to try to correct the extraordinary misimpression that this...
We get the impression that after years of being cooperative with reporters in answering their questions and providing guidance, Inman may have developed the misimpression that it was easy to exert an influence on the development of stories.