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tr.v. mis·in·formed, mis·in·form·ing, mis·in·forms
To provide with incorrect information.

mis′in·form′ant (-fôr′mənt), mis′in·form′er n.
mis·in′for·ma′tion n.
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a. mal informado-a.
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'Granted that my father was misinformed, would it not have been more decent to withhold the letter and communicate with him in private?'
In Virginia, nevertheless, if I have not been misinformed, elections under the former government were septennial.
"Perhaps I was misinformed," stammered the Insect, shrinking back; "I never knew the Wizard personally."
"This declaration a little relieved my abashment; and as wine had now somewhat opened my heart, I very freely acknowledged the robbery, but acquainted him that he had been misinformed as to the sum taken, which was little more than a fifth part of what he had mentioned.
You have perhaps been misinformed, or purposely deceived, in something concerning me, which may have lowered me in your opinion.
But if I am not misinformed, the same meaning would not be given to it in any part of New England.
What if the messenger had been misinformed, and she were still there?
"I hope, so far as concerns my brother, you are misinformed. I hope he has not had any material share in bringing on Mr.
Even the Press, being human, may be sometimes mistaken or misinformed, and I rather think that I have in one or two rare instances observed its information to be not strictly accurate with reference to myself.
"Pardon me," interrupted Alfred Inglethorp, "you have been misinformed. I had no quarrel with my dear wife.
They were genuinely glad that they had been misinformed. To them nothing was fatal but evil.
W.A.--I believe, sir, you are misinformed, and my wife assures me of the contrary, and that they abhor it; perhaps, for any further relations, they may not be so exact as we are; but she tells me never in the near relationship you speak of.