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tr.v. mis·in·formed, mis·in·form·ing, mis·in·forms
To provide with incorrect information.

mis′in·form′ant (-fôr′mənt), mis′in·form′er n.
mis·in′for·ma′tion n.
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Climate misinformer," "scientist-smearing denier," and "utter fake" are a few of the insults Anthony Watts has earned, despite these conservationist measures.
Fox News on-air personalities comments taken from: Simon Maloy, "Sean Hannity: Media Matters Misinformer of the Year," Media Matters for America December 17, 2008 http://mediamatters.
If elections were held this time, we would most probably witness an epic PDP-Laban victory -- it is the President's party, the ruling party that dominates Congress and local government units, the party in control of taxpayer money, the party that controls the military and police, the party supported by the oligarchs, the party that worships Marcos and eager to sign a deal with them, and the party of the most aggressive misinformers and disinformers.