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tr.v. mis·in·ter·pret·ed, mis·in·ter·pret·ing, mis·in·ter·prets
To interpret or explain wrongly.

mis′in·ter′pre·ta′tion n.
mis′in·ter′pret·er n.
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Those familiar with him know Dershowitz is a notorious bigot; a purveyor of myths, canards, and false logic; a misinterpreter of fundamental law standards; a believer in unique Jewish suffering, mindless of all others; an advocate for torture and targeted assassinations; and a committed Zionist and Israeli apologist who legitimizes its aggression, its worst crimes and abuses, and who believes that "international law, and those who administer it, must understand that (in times of war) the old rules" don't apply against "fanatical foes.
If we require a narratorial voice to orient us in our reading of the novel, we could hardly do better than consult Marcello himself, if only because he is a such a consummately failed reader of himself, a master misinterpreter.
Underground woman, who lives below the text, a misinterpreter, a mischief-maker perhaps, a faulty retrieval system which sometimes presumes to call itself an 'I'.