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Tending to mislead; deceptive.

mis·lead′ing·ly adv.
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Adv.1.misleadingly - in a misleading waymisleadingly - in a misleading way; "the exam looked deceptively easy"
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adv tell, say etcirreführenderweise; presentedirreführend; (= deceptively)trügerisch; the film has a misleadingly violent trailerdie brutale Vorankündigung für diesen Film war irreführend; they looked misleadingly angelicsie machten einen trügerisch engelhaften Eindruck
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Amnesty International said that the annual human rights report for 2018 released this year, gives a misleadingly positive impression of progress in human rights in Sri Lanka.
Biden Spokesman Bill Russo highlighted two photos that have been used against the vice president misleadingly -- one of Biden and Stephanie Carter, who is married to former Defence secretary Ash Carter, and the other of Biden with the 13-year-old daughter of Sen.
The work you order will never be re-used or re-sold." A reader complained that the website misleadingly implied that consumers could hand the essay in as their own and that its 'grade guarantee' was also misleading.
DAVID Taylor-Gooby somewhat misleadingly describes William Tyndale as "the man who first translated the bible into simple English, so that even ploughboys could understand it (The Journal, Wednesday)".
There is little value in PTI's misleadingly spun data, bizarrely noisy biomarkers, and selectively disclosed results.
The ASA has banned Viagogo from claiming that it is the "official site" after it misleadingly implied it was an official primary ticket outlet rather than a second-hand ticket website.
According to Usman's confessional statement Siddiqui was misleadingly invited to a rented bungalow in Karachi's Federal B Area Block 21 where he was kept captive and was insisted to put forward a ransom of Rs 40 million.
House of Representatives Deputy Speaker Gwendolyn Garcia has urged Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno and her spokespersons to 'face up to the truth,' after misleadingly claiming that she would only be taking a 15-day 'wellness leave' before admitting that her break would be indefinite.
Before he spouts off about the socalled virtues of what is misleadingly called the Enlightenment I would recommend that he read an excellent book by John Marsh called, The Liberal Delusion, published by Arena Books (ISBN 978-1-9067971-99-5).
Monsta is misleadingly melodic, strings and brass acting as the calm before one hell of a storm.
The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) received 12 complaints that the comment misleadingly exaggerated the chances of winning the lottery.
Van Bladel examines the obscure early history of the Mandaeans, a small and reclusive religious group that originated under the Persian Sasanid dynasty and are popularly but misleadingly construed today as "gnostic" or even as "the last Gnostics." Using a variety of early textual sources, including some that have either partly or entirely escaped the attention of previous scholarship on the Mandaeans, he offers firm testimonia to their conspicuous existence in Sasanian Mesopotamia during the sixth century and their status as a distinctive religious group before Muslim rule.