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Past tense and past participle of mislead.
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Ye call in a witness when ye want to speak well of yourselves; and when ye have misled him to think well of you, ye also think well of yourselves.
Considering the man as an intruder on their business, whose success might deprive them of the credit and reward of making the discovery, they took advantage of their superiority in numbers, and of their being first in the field, and carefully misled the stranger before they ventured any further with their own investigations.
Vanderburgh made up by activity and intelligence for his ignorance of the country; was always wary, always on the alert; discovered every movement of his rivals, however secret and was not to be eluded or misled.
I am beginning to wonder whether I have been misled."
And just because we are not misled by familiarity we find it easier to be cautious in interpreting behaviour when we are dealing with phenomena remote from those of our own minds: Moreover, introspection, as psychoanalysis has demonstrated, is extraordinarily fallible even in cases where we feel a high degree of certainty.
Instinct, as a rule, is very rough and ready, able to achieve its result under ordinary circumstances, but easily misled by anything unusual.
He may be the falsest of men in all besides, but he is true to her --he has not misled me in that one thing.
But for Lady Clarinda he would have hopelessly misled you on the subject of Mrs.
They are also less liable to corruption from their numbers, as water is from its quantity: besides, the judgment of an individual must necessarily be perverted if he is overcome by anger or any other passion; but it would be hard indeed if the whole community should be misled by anger.
HERE are the key things you need to know if you think a trader has misled you:
The book Billion Dollar Whale has suggested that former prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak was misled or cheated by Low Taek Jho, the former's lead defence lawyer Tan Sri Muhammad Shafee Abdullah said today.