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tr.v. mis·liked, mis·lik·ing, mis·likes
1. To disapprove of; dislike.
2. Archaic To displease.
Disapproval; dislike.

[Middle English misliken, from Old English mislīcian : mis-, ill; see mis-1 + līcian, to please; see like1.]
References in classic literature ?
But the great San Philip having received the lower tier of the Revenge, discharged with cross-bar shot, shifted herself with all diligence from her sides, utterly misliking her first entertainment.
As a "remedie to help schoole inconveniences," rules must be posted in a publicke place, where they may be easily scene and red: and to leave as litle uncertaine or untoucht, which the parent ought to know, and whereupon misliking may arise, as is possible.
let us see what likeing, or misliking we have of sinne: for if after our fall we do hold our former hatred of sinne .