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The Order finds that from in or about June 2016 through April 2017, Rege engaged in a fraudulent scheme to mismark the valuations of certain interest rate swaps in an attempt to artificially inflate the profitability of his trading in order to earn a larger performance bonus.
Second, while our equity holdings are valued at market prices, accounting rules require our collection of operating companies to be included in book value at an amount far below their current value, a mismark that has grown in recent years.
Activities: Mismark and mismatch solvents and other operating chemicals at the facility.
All retrievers, even those with MM's incredible marking talents, will occasionally mismark a bird or forget it after marking it.
The problem is even if a company doesn't mismark its products, and even if it pays into both Intellectual Ventures and RPX, there's still nothing to stop some other "regular" troll from alleging a patent violation.
Though it is not uncommon for brokers to deliberately mismark trades to cover up inappropriate recommendations, an order marked "solicited" will defeat the firm's defense that the customer ordered the purchase without any input from the company.
Experiments in "electoral literacy" have demonstrated that many people are going to mismark the ballots--either nullifying their vote or indicating the wrong party.
List suppliers often omit or mismark the tape label with the wrong key code or even the wrong list name.
James McDonald, CFTCs Director of Enforcement, said, Traders who fraudulently mismark their futures and physical commodity positions undermine market participants ability to understand and manage risk.
The trading losses occurred against a backdrop of woefully deficient accounting controls in the CIO, including spreadsheet miscalculations that caused large valuation errors and the use of subjective valuation techniques that made it easier for the traders to mismark the CIO portfolio.
"There were a couple of coaches who questioned the (Finley) mark, but there's no evidence that there was a mismark," said Kristen Jacob Smith, the NCAA representative speaking for the committee.
"Citigroup's lax supervision and weak internal accounting controls allowed a handful of rogue traders to mismark positions over several years and, separately, resulted in the unnecessary loss of hundreds of millions of dollars of its shareholders' assets to fraud."