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(mɪˈsɒdʒ ə ni, maɪ-)

hatred of or hostility toward women.
[1650–60; < Greek mīsogynía= mīsogyn(ēs) a woman-hater (mīso- miso- + -gynēs, adj. derivative of gynḗ woman) + -ia -y3]
mi•sog′y•nic, mi•sog′y•nous, mi•sog`y•nis′tic, adj.
mi•sog′y•nist, n.
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misogynism, misogyny

an extreme dislike of females, frequently based upon unhappy experience or upbringing. Cf. misandry.
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Noun1.misogynism - hatred of womenmisogynism - hatred of women      
hate, hatred - the emotion of intense dislike; a feeling of dislike so strong that it demands action
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"If you now read the Wikipedia definition and description for 'Manosphere,' it now associates the Manosphere with the Alt-Right movement, racism, and internet-based misogynism toward women," said Currie, who has been offering dating and relationship advice to single heterosexual men since the mid-1990s.
Gender bias and misogynism are rooted deeply in the fabric and psyche of our male chauvinistic society.
West Bromwich West Labour MP Adrian Bailey is among more than 80 parliamentarians to back a House of Commons motion calling for the invitation to be rescinded, accusing Mr Trump of "misogynism, racism and xenophobia".
The motion "deplores the record of US President Donald Trump, including his misogynism, racism and xenophobia; condemns his previous comments on women, refugees and torture; further condemns his lack of action on climate change and failure to support the Paris Climate Change Deal".
But a House of Commons motion accusing Mr Trump of "misogynism, racism and xenophobia" has so far been signed by 61 MPs including Catherine McKinnell, Labour MP for Newcastle North; Mary Glindon, Labour MP for North Tyneside, and Roberta Blackman-Woods, Labour MP for City of Durham.
A House of Commons motion accusing Mr Trump of "misogynism, racism and xenophobia" has so far been signed by 61 MPs including Jess Phillips (Lab, Birmingham Yardley) and Adrian Bailey (Lab, West Bromwich East).
Moreover, she asserts that Coverdale is Hawthorne's "front man, upon whom he can deflect accusations of reactionism and misogynism" (116).
And just like Pakistanis, besides monotheism and misogynism, if anything can unite Muslims - from Shia to Sunni, from Iran to Saudi Arabia and from black to white - it is the concept of Islamic revival.
Here is the examples: living and taking bribe at exams; sexual harassment; private use or appropriation of goods from the university's patrimony; drinking alcohol during the program; plagiarism; conflict of interest; influence traffic (promotions etc.); verbal aggressiveness in some professors and students; arrogant treatment of students; nepotism in employment and students' grades; misogynism; violation of the right to confidentiality; student stigmatization to provide material advantages.
The Angono police's anti-rape tips drew flak from netizens as it came out more like promoting 'victim-blaming' and perpetuates misogynism, according to Gabriela.
WOLF-whistling will be prosecuted as a hate crime of misogynism by Nottinghamshire police.