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misophobia, musophobia, mysophobia

an abnormal fear of dirt, especially of being contaminated by dirt.
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Chinese (simplified) [phrase omitted] [jiepi], traditional [phrase omitted] 'misophobia' = 'a pathological fear of contamination and germs, avoidance of contact with surrounding objects' < Japan.
He developed neurotic type symptoms with obsessive-phobic elements like misophobia, on an introverted personality.
--thoughts--coherent, reduced the ideatic flux, recurrent and persistent suicidal ideas, persecutory delusional thoughts, obsessive ideas regarding constant preoccupation for symmetry, orderliness, permanent checking, but without focus on any objects, phobic ideas like misophobia, nosophobia, acrophobia, arahnophobia, aihmophobia, agoraphobia, ablutomania.