(mĭs-ôr′ē-ənt, -ĕnt′)
tr.v. mis·o·ri·ent·ed, mis·o·ri·ent·ing, mis·o·ri·ents
To orient incorrectly or inappropriately.

mis·o′ri·en·ta′tion n.
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vb (tr)
to orient badly or incorrectly
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(mɪsˈɔr iˌɛnt, -ˈoʊr-)

to orient wrongly or improperly.
mis•o`ri•en•ta′tion, n.
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Though disorders and dysfunctions like these may diminish an individual's capacity, they do not cripple and mentally misorient an entire racial population in the context of the EMPPDAU.S.
A further possible consequence of theological alienation is that the African descent person may be more susceptible to another religion or offshoot religious group that will also psychologically misorient him or her (the many who followed Jim Jones may represent a grim example).
In both cases, there was not one fundamental change in the operating facts of either 1) the control of African resources (Nkrumah, 1965; Rodney, 1974) or 2) the campaign to undermine, distort, and culturally misorient the self-consciousness of Africans (see e.g., Jones, 1997; Welsing, 1991).
This explains the trend, for mixed TDs, to have directions systematically misoriented with respect to the c axis, for example, [2].
As the strain of superplastic deformation increases, a randomization of the microtexture happens along with the increase in misoriented boundaries; therefore, the alloys exhibit a very weak texture component as cube, near cube, rotated cube, or decreased brass component.
Wang, "Effective thermal conductivity of misoriented short-fiber reinforced thermoplastics," Mechanics of Materials, vol.
During the seismic activation of a fault, these terminations can act as barriers--or rupture arrest points [17,63]--especially if the termination is a misoriented feature or denotes an abrupt change in geometry.
ADP today are so mentally misoriented in sex, male-female conceptualizations, and religion that another maxim by Wright is a propos: "intellectual insight about Whites [like TEP theory] and their ways [that engender disorders like sexual and theological misorientation] does not insure that there will be a corresponding change in Blacks' behavior and attitude" (Wright 1985, 2).
In the previous studies, we have grown M-plane GaN on LAO and misoriented LAO substrates at relatively low growth temperature growth by plasma-assisted molecular beam epitaxy (PAMBE) and have found a large anisotropic growth mechanism and strain within the M-plane GaN films [11,12].
Sauvajol, "Raman spectra of misoriented bilayer graphene," Physical Review B, vol.
Usable fuel was again certified at 28.6 gallons per side, following a brief hiatus involving misoriented fuel pickups in some tanks.