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 (mĭs-ôr′ē-ənt, -ĕnt′)
tr.v. mis·o·ri·ent·ed, mis·o·ri·ent·ing, mis·o·ri·ents
To orient incorrectly or inappropriately.

mis·o′ri·en·ta′tion n.
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a bad or incorrect orientation
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The average length and misorientation [B.sub.[psi]] of fibril can also be determined by the method of Ruland [30] as shown in Table 1.
(c) It was recommended that the two recovery stages corresponded to (a) the decrease in dislocation density inside sub-grains and the rearrangement of the dislocations located in the sub-grains boundaries into more stable configurations, and (b) gradual growth of those sub-grains that subtended small misorientation angles respecting their neighbours.
This takes on particular importance in developing countries, in which "in addition to the problem of misorientation, the situation is aggravated by abject corruption and bureaucratic inefficiency", as Alesina states (113).
Orientation of the sheath of the SME prior to advancing the pre-curved electrode is important to ensure the electrode curves in plane with the first cochlear turn, as misorientation of the sheath would potentially result in the electrode exiting the sheath toward SV.
Seismic Sensor Misorientation Measurement Using P Wave Particle Motion: An Application to the NEC saids Array.
We choose several rotation angles [THETA] between two symmetrically arranged crystals [THETA] angles are measured from each other and usually called misorientation angles).
Compared to barcodes, chipless tags offer better discretion (since line of sight is not required), higher read range (up to 50 cm), and a better robustness against misalignment or misorientation [1].
The continuous increase in misorientation between subgrains during SPD was an essential feature of the strain-induced formation of UFGs [21].