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 (mĭs-ôr′ē-ənt, -ĕnt′)
tr.v. mis·o·ri·ent·ed, mis·o·ri·ent·ing, mis·o·ri·ents
To orient incorrectly or inappropriately.

mis·o′ri·en·ta′tion n.


a bad or incorrect orientation
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According to Azibo (2011), skin lightening is a "psychological misorientation mental disorder" -formally termed "skin bleaching and skin lightening behavior disorder" (SBSLB), and it is described as "inappropriate, abnormal, and pathological" (Azibo 2011: 225).
The model has recently been modified to accommodate the effect of incomplete exfoliation and misorientation of the filler, but the effect of imperfect adhesion at the surface still needs to be incorporated [100].
CagA-mediated inactivation of PAR1, which perturbs microtubule stability, causes microtubule-based spindle dysfunction, leading to prophase/ metaphase delay and subsequent misorientation of spindle formation.
Misorientation profiles across individual grains show considerable continuous variations, a finding that fits in with the color gradients sometimes observed (Fig.
As examples, paved surfaces (concrete, asphalt) directly remove habitat needed by ground-nesting bees and other insects; asphalt roads can induce misorientation of aquatic insects to polarised light, leading to futile oviposition on road surfaces; traffic can cause direct mortality; roadways may act as a barrier, isolating insect populations; light intensity in streets and buildings can attract phototactic insects from more natural areas and render them vulnerable to vertebrate predators; and 'heat islands' may affect development rates and tolerances of resident and adventive species.
Figure 5 is the misorientation distribution of the primary recrystallization samples.
Another study comparing the clinical performance of an ASD lens with one of the latest prism-ballasted lenses found that the ASD toric showed significantly less misorientation and better monocular visual performance in a recumbent position.
The main disadvantage of immobilization process is the loss of part on enzyme activity during the immobilization step due to many reasons including de-naturation, misorientation and substrate-product diffusion limitation.
Supposing the difference in orientations between two neighbouring points which is called their misorientation, it is common to use an angle-axis representation [theta]<uvw> based on the fact that one orientation can be matched to another using rotation by an angle [theta] around an axis <uvw>.
Misorientation and jamming can occur with amplitude fluctuations.
The need to characterize the misorientation of hundreds of grain boundaries in polycrystalline superconductors to understand the barriers to supercurrent flow led him to develop strong skills in electron backscatter Kikuchi diffraction, which was a fledgling field in the early 1990s.
Hatchlings may die as a result of the ant stings or increased predation and misorientation due to impairment caused by stings, particularly stings to their eyes (Krahe 2005).