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tr.v. mis·per·ceived, mis·per·ceiv·ing, mis·per·ceives
To perceive incorrectly; misunderstand.

mis′per·cep′tion (-sĕp′shən) n.
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vb (tr)
to perceive wrongly; misunderstand
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(ˌmɪs pərˈsiv)

v.t. -ceived, -ceiv•ing.
to understand or perceive incorrectly; misunderstand.
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Verb1.misperceive - perceive incorrectlymisperceive - perceive incorrectly      
perceive, comprehend - to become aware of through the senses; "I could perceive the ship coming over the horizon"
see double - see things as if they were there twice; "After taking the drug, John saw double"
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In his petition, Nawaz maintained that the decision was based on assumptions and false interpretation of law while the evidences were misperceived and the accountability court announced the verdict without hearing objections by the accused.
It is chiefly fuelled by fanaticism, which is mistakenly and often misperceived as 'objective', 'right', 'anti-colonialist' and 'anti-Zionist'.
Getting tough with Pakistan was also a misperceived ploy.
It stated that the evidence were misperceived and the accountability court announced the verdict without hearing objections by the accused.
It stated that the evidence was misperceived and the accountability court announced the verdict without hearing objections by the accused.
GATED COMMUNITIESBut this caveat must not be misperceived to include investors who have invested in gated communities in strategic locations off highways or peripheries of urban centres.
HammadAzhar said that the previous government didn't initiate inquiry against many while taking benefit of time whereas the law permits probe in this regard but the PML-N government misperceived it.
He contended that the grant of land by Sindh government to the MDA and the exchange of land by the MDA with the Bahria Town, Karachi, was mixed up by the verdict which also misperceived the purpose of the grant of land.
Ideally, we can raise awareness of how women's behavior and skills are misperceived by male colleagues, and work to banish this bias.
If he is mentioned at all, which is rare, he's often misperceived as a 'promising youngster', despite the fact that he will be 27 years old in a few weeks and has played in well over 100 Madrid games over the last three seasons, including the 2016 Champions League Final when he scored the first penalty in the shoot-out victory over Atletico.
In an account that challenges both the earlier orthodoxy and the revisionist account and uses an impressive array of archival material, Peter Whitewood argues, "Stalin attacked the Red Army because he seriously misperceived a serious security threat"; thus "Stalin seems to have genuinely believed that foreign-backed enemies had infiltrated the ranks and managed to organize a conspiracy at the very heart of the Red Army" (12, 276).
He added:"We need to be mindful of our obligations in that it is a regulated process so I wouldn't want anyone to say anything that might be misperceived."