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tr.v. mis·per·ceived, mis·per·ceiv·ing, mis·per·ceives
To perceive incorrectly; misunderstand.

mis′per·cep′tion (-sĕp′shən) n.


vb (tr)
to perceive wrongly; misunderstand


(ˌmɪs pərˈsiv)

v.t. -ceived, -ceiv•ing.
to understand or perceive incorrectly; misunderstand.
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Verb1.misperceive - perceive incorrectlymisperceive - perceive incorrectly      
perceive, comprehend - to become aware of through the senses; "I could perceive the ship coming over the horizon"
see double - see things as if they were there twice; "After taking the drug, John saw double"
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Minna's findings show women need more guidance in order to overcome misperceptions around pelvic floor health," said Liz Miracle, MSPT, WCS: Pelvic Floor Specialist at Minna Life.
A recent Ball State University study found there were significant misconceptions among America's youth about what constitutes overweight, according to "Overweight Misperceptions among Adolescents in the United States," published in the Journal of Pediatric Nursing (Fan, Jin, and Khubchandani; July 31, 2014).
Greece is one of history's most extraordinary sovereign rejuvenations hidden-in-plain-sight by pervasive systemic misperceptions --
The research aimed to investigate the extent of misperceptions relating to peer substance-taking attitudes and behaviours amongst a sample of school aged youth (n= 80), and was undertaken as a pre development study to a large scale social norms initiative in Irish schools.
Patterson, concluded that the best way to correct the biases and misperceptions was to "initiate an exchange program for instructors" to broaden their understanding of the US".
Twomey (national security affairs, Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey) explores the role of military doctrine in creating misperceptions and miscommunications among national leaders that can lead to a failure of deterrence strategies, focusing his analysis on Sino-American relations during the 1950s, where disdain among national policy-makers on both sides for the other side's key military doctrine (i.
The difference between the estimates may reflect the possibility that adolescents whose weight is most influenced by their parent's weight status or birth weight have a different influence on weight misperceptions than those who are not influenced much by the instruments.
Travelocity said although there seems to be progress in stopping the leak in the Gulf, the misperceptions about oil on beaches may take far longer for the travel industry to fix.
Noting that there are some misperceptions in the western countries about Islam, she urged religious scholars and media to play their role in dispelling the misperceptions.
Her Majesty's remarks were followed by a panel session entitled "Arab Women: Myths, Misperceptions and Realities".
Their work contrasts the real lives, struggles and impact of young black men with the misperceptions that dominate in the mass media and lingers in the public consciousness.
The potential for misperceptions of the search functions was the basis for our study.