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tr.v. mis·per·ceived, mis·per·ceiv·ing, mis·per·ceives
To perceive incorrectly; misunderstand.

mis′per·cep′tion (-sĕp′shən) n.
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vb (tr)
to perceive wrongly; misunderstand
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(ˌmɪs pərˈsiv)

v.t. -ceived, -ceiv•ing.
to understand or perceive incorrectly; misunderstand.
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Verb1.misperceive - perceive incorrectlymisperceive - perceive incorrectly      
perceive, comprehend - to become aware of through the senses; "I could perceive the ship coming over the horizon"
see double - see things as if they were there twice; "After taking the drug, John saw double"
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'But if the DAP had not betrayed our principles and the hopes of the people, then time will demonstrate how wrong were the misperceptions and misunderstandings about the DAP,' he said in a statement here.
The organisation, in a release said, 'Although Meridian Cultural Diplomacy Leadership Council members represent diverse fields, they are united with Meridian in a shared belief that culture has the transformative power to bridge divides, promote mutual understanding and shift misperceptions.'
Addressing delegates attending the UN Commission on Status of Women, she linked the attack to stereotyping, which she argued can be seriously consequential as it can lead to misperceptions, demonization and even violence.
Morgan Stanley analyst David Lewis attributes a recent 10% slide in shares of iRhythm (IRTC) to concerns about the Apple (AAPL) Heart Study, though he believes misperceptions around AHS may create a buying opportunity.
In this socio-political comment on the 'presence of Muslims which agitates the minds of many Americans', the author addresses common misperceptions to remove interfaith misunderstandings and promote a healthier, critical appreciation of Islam and also discusses the historical faultlines within Muslims that call for urgent attention and change.
A study from polling company Ipsos MORI has shown significant misperceptions on issues such as the basic numbers of European immigrants in the UK, the infamous PS350m to the EU claim and the scale of investment that the UK receives from European countries.
First, the then East Pakistanis' perceptions and misperceptions developed over a period of 23 years life of united Pakistan about the supposed or actual injustices done to them by the then Pakistani governments.
22, 2018 (HealthDay News) -- Adolescents and young adults are increasingly using electronic cigarette (e-cigarette) products such as pod-based systems but have misperceptions and lack of knowledge about these products, according to a study published online Oct.
Susan Dinitz' article starts the conversation by focusing on critically important threshold concepts in writing and the misperceptions tutors may harbor if they don't fully grasp these concepts--misperceptions that can lead to ineffective tutoring.
The Perils of Perception 2017 survey by Ipsos showed that the Philippines is one of the countries which scored high on the Misperceptions Index.
People who tend to trust their intuition or are certain that the "facts" they hear are politically biased are more likely to stand behind inaccurate beliefs, while those who rely on concrete evidence to form their opinions are less likely to have misperceptions about high-profile scientific and political issues, suggests a study in the journal PLOS ONE.