missa cantata

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mis·sa cantata

A Mass in which the liturgical parts are sung as in the High Mass, but which is ceremonially less elaborate.

[New Latin missa cantāta : Late Latin missa, Mass + Latin cantāta, feminine of cantātus, past participle of canere, to sing.]
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In Metro Manila, the Latin Missa Cantata is being celebrated every second Sunday of the month at Santo Domingo Church in Quezon City.
Prior to the council, a Eucharist celebrated in public was categorized as a missa lecta (a "read" or "low" Mass--all the ritual texts spoken by a priest celebrant and server[s]), or a missa cantata (a "sung" or "high" Mass--the majority of ritual texts chanted) or a missa solemn is (a "solemn" Mass, which was a missa cantata celebrated with the assistance of a deacon and subdeacon).