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tr.v. mis·shaped, mis·shaped or mis·shap·en (-shā′pən), mis·shap·ing, mis·shapes
To shape badly; deform.

mis·shap′en·ly adv.
mis·shap′er n.
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, misshapen
a. deforme, desfigurado-a.
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"It's been tough, we have had a few injuries and had a few coaches come and go, it's been a bit misshaped.
Questioning things (his mother, the justice system, his place in life) had never been Gwyn Gelataio's natural mode, and the new habit left things uncomfortably misshaped somehow.
The cupids bow structure of her lip was destroyed, leaving plaintiff with a misshaped lip and residual scarring.
In reality, the university life for any scholar is experienced in the trenches--a heavy teaching load with massive learning outcomes to measure, research and scholarly expectations, and service commitments and demands all rolled into one big, messy, misshaped ball that is difficulr to roll.
Ash, who works as a recruitment consultant in Leeds, added: "Having a misshaped head could be distressing for Emily when she is older and we want to do all we can to ensure this doesn't happen."
"She disappeared for a moment then returned with a string of gorgeous, slightly misshaped white pearls, which she explained had been found in Scottish river mussels.
The hybrid varieties will probably never need pruning, except for the odd misshaped branch or if they have pests.
This means that shoppers in Merseyside will now be able to buy the PS3.50 'Wonky Veg Box', a new family sized box that includes nine in-season misshaped winter vegetable lines.
Vicky Ovenden "In the war, most veg was misshaped. Organic was having more snails, worms and bugs on your lettuce and cabbage at no extra cost!
As part of its enhanced quality control function, the IX-GA-4075 can also spot missing, undersized and misshaped items or damaged products, and carry out weight estimation and grading by length.