missile defence system

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Noun1.missile defence system - naval weaponry providing a defense systemmissile defence system - naval weaponry providing a defense system
naval weaponry - weaponry for warships
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If approved, the resolution from Scott and Young would call for "full implementation of sanctions under CAATSA," describing Turkey's purchase of the S-400 air and missile defence system as a "direct and dire threat" to U.S.
Turkey and the United States are in talks over Washington's offer to sell a Patriot missile defence system to Ankara, Turkey's Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said on Friday.
Indian rejection of this proposal forced Pakistan to develop capabilities which render any Ballistic Missile Defence system ineffective and unreliable.
Summary: Brussels [Belgium], Sep 15 (ANI): The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Secretary General Jens Stoltenburg on Friday said that Turkey's decision to purchase missile defence system from Russia is a national decision.
Poland, in NATO since 1999, does not have its own system to protect against ballistic missiles and is to take a decision regarding the supplier for its medium-range missile defence system within weeks.
Summary: Moscow, Jumada II 21, 1432 / May 24, 2011, SPA -- Top officers from the French and Russian militaries met in Moscow on Tuesday to discuss a planned European missile defence system as the Kremlin upped pressure on NATO to modify or abandon the project, dpa reported....
It is also building up a sophisticated missile defence system and operating a Centre for Integrated Air & Missile Defence that would likely be a model for other Gulf countries.
ISLAMABAD, July 01, 2010 (Balochistan Times): India is preparing to test indigenously developed ballistic missile defence system in August this year.
Russia has demanded that Bulgaria explains in details its planned involvement in a new US missile defence system in Europe, saying this has been promised to them.
A senior Russian official said strategic and tactical missiles tested yesterday can penetrate any missile defence system.
AMERICA'S state-of-the-art missile defence system is faulty and unreliable, it has emerged.

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