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Noun1.missionary work - the organized work of a religious missionarymissionary work - the organized work of a religious missionary
work - activity directed toward making or doing something; "she checked several points needing further work"
dawah, da'wah - missionary work for Islam
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But I intend to sell it, and devote myself to missionary work in Africa.
"Well, it might be a real missionary work," said she, looking rather more favorably on the child.
Russell provides a revealing account of how African Americans in Jamaica engaged in missionary work in West Africa in the mid- and later nineteenth century.
He gave a talk about his missionary work in two camps where his team have clothed, fed and supported the poor.
MICHAEL CHANG plans to take up missionary work after 15 years at the top of tennis.
Her minister, the Rev Hamish Fleming, said: "She was very, very kindly and interested in the missionary work of the church."
Carvajal's promise to die for God, if given the chance, paradoxically reconciled self-determination and submission, and opened the door to a vocation only dreamed of by many religious women of her day: missionary work in a place where Catholics were in life-threatening situations.
There's a missionary work begging for missionaries.
That means that out of the development of missionary work, from dependency via independency, we have to take serious steps towards a real inter dependency where we as brothers and sisters in the world look upon each other as partners in the most important of all missions: "As the Father has sent me, I am sending you" (John 20:21b).
The nature of Doris's honorary "kinship" with the Akwee villagers is questioned more seriously still, beginning with her reasons for taking up missionary work in the first place.
"Lahat ng yan ay part ng kanyang missionary work (All of that are part of her missionary work) and more importantly part of her right to freedom of expression," she added.
Solidarity with the Poor, an organization that supports the plight of the 72-year-old Fox, said 'it would be good' if the immigration board renewed her visa so that she 'could continue her missionary work among the deprived and the oppressed' in the country.